Home Appliance Repair Services

  • Poshora provides free initial assessments at your residence
  • Verified and trusted expert technicians
  • Reasonable prices to fit your budget
  • Most common types and brands of machines/ appliances in Dhaka fixed and serviced
  • Secure online payment and transaction tracking after service completion.

Please select city and location to get the services available in your area.

Blender repair service

Electric Oven/Rice cooker/Curry cooker Repair and Servicing

Gas line repair service

Gas Oven Repair and Maintenance

Gas Stove Install/Repair Services

Lift maintenance service

Lock and Key Repair Service

Microwave Oven Repair Service

Mobile Repair Service

Refrigerator Repair Service

Sound System Repair Service

Treadmill Repair Services

TV Repair Service

TV Wall Mount Installation Service

Washing Machine Repair and Servicing

Water purifier installation and repair service

Service Lines

  1. Refrigerator Repair Service
  2. Washing Machine Repair and Servicing
  3. Microwave Oven Repair Service
  4. Electric Oven Repair and Servicing
  5. TV Repair Service
  6. Water Purifier Repair Service
  7. Gas Oven Repair and Maintenance
  8. Mobile Servicing
  9. Iron Repair Service
  10. Gas Stove Install/Repair Services


Appliances not working properly at home? 


Thinking of throwing away your TV or Mobile set? Is your Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven or Gas Oven or Stove, Water Purifier, Iron, or other home appliances about to give up? Let Poshora take a look! Poshora provides one-stop solutions for your electronic and home appliance servicing or repairing needs! Poshora’s Home Appliance Repair services offers hassle free service for your most common household appliance needs: 


  • Washing Machine Repair Services Offered by Poshora Washing Machine technicians


Poshora’s professional Washing Matching repair service providers in Dhaka are equipped to take care of almost all Washing Machine issues, and types of Washing Machines (fully-automatic, semi-automatic, top load, front load, etc.). The experts we work with are experienced in treating: 

  • Water leakage from Washing Machine
  • Over-noise/ noisy while washing
  • Not turning on/error while switching on
  • Not able to close/open the machine door
  • Washing Machine not spinning/draining
  • Buttons not functioning
  • Washing Machine not working at all
  • Other issues (upon inspection)



  • Refrigerator Repair Services Offered by Poshora Refrigerator Technicians

Poshora’s expert Refrigerator repair service providers in Dhaka are experienced in handling most common issues, of any local and foreign Refrigerator brands in your home: 

  • Water leakage
  • Freezer not working
  • Broken handle
  • Fridge making noise
  • Building up of frost
  • Foul smells and fridge odours
  • Defrosting issues
  • Food getting frostbite or other freezing food issues
  • Fridge/ freezer not cooling
  • Other issues (upon inspection)


  • Microwave Repair Services

Poshora’s microwave repair experts in Dhaka provide service for all brands, and types of microwave issues that may happen: 

  • Standard microwave repair (e.g., wiring issues, spark switch, broken glass/microwave panel, non-responsive microwave modules, etc)
  • Microwave oven not switching on/ power supply not coming
  • Keyboard / touch pad / buttons not working in microwave oven
  • Microwave oven not warming food
  • Microwave oven not heating correctly or not heating at all
  • Fuse trips when switching on microwave oven
  • Microwave oven plate does not spin
  • Other issues with microwave (upon inspection)


  • Water Purifier Services Offered by Poshora technicians

Poshora’s Water Purifier Service Providers provide installation/ uninstallation, annual maintenance, and repair services of all brands. The technicians who work with us expertly manage most common issues faced in usual types of water purifier types in the Bangladesh market (Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV), UltraFiltration(UF), Activated Carbon, Sediment filter, RO+UV, UV+UF etc) : 

  • Unusual/ atypical water taste or smells
  • Slow water flows
  • Leaking faucet/ water filter/ membrane of water purifier machine
  • Water tanks not filling up (RO)
  • Others


In addition to these, Poshora’s Home Appliance repair experts are here to fix, repair, install/ uninstall, provide regular maintenance of the most common household and electronic appliances and their issues for: TV, mobile, Ovens and stoves (gas, electric, microwave), Geyser/ Water Heaters, AC units, irons, water purifiers, washing machines, etc. 



Why choose us? 

Professional Home appliance repair Service Providers with Poshora are skilled and experienced technicians from local businesses. Poshora ensures that electric and electronic experts who partner with us use the proper safety and security measures, and the equipment to avoid damage, breakage or any other type of harm to your appliances and electronic items.    


Trusted – We ensure all professional cleaning experts with Poshora work with reliability, dedication and professionalism.


Timely services – A representative from Poshora will be on-site before the scheduled time to ensure timely service from Poshora’s Service Providers. Poshora offers same day service, working with speed and accuracy. We save you time and manage the coordination and logistics on service day.


Fair Prices – We ensure electrical technicians are charging the right price for the service, and you pay only for what you need without hidden fees or forced extra charges for the service of your choice.


Locally Operated – Poshora’s network of home appliance repair experts and electronic technicians are located everywhere in Dhaka. No matter your location, specialized professional cleaning experts will be at your doorstep when you need them. 


Post-service cleanup – Poshora makes sure service providers practice proper clean up after completing their service. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed – We value your peace of mind and trust in Poshora. A Poshora representative will be present for time management, and quality assurance on service day, accompanying the packing and shifting service providers.


Booking procedure: 

  • Book online through website or app- sign in, choose location and desired service. Select a Poshora Service Provider to view services and rates. Book your service! Poshora’s customer support will call to confirm your order within 30 minutes.
  • Call Poshora hotline – a Poshora Customer Service Officer will confirm your details and preferred schedule, and book a skilled AC technician in your area with best pricing available.


Service Hours:   9 AM to 8 PM everyday


Poshora Customer Care Number: 09638300700


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the price range of Poshora’s home appliance repair services for TV/ mobile phone/ washing machine/ water heater/ water purifier/ gas oven/ microwave oven/ stove/ iron/ refrigerator/ freezer/ other home appliances?  

Poshora provides an estimate after conducting an initial assessment with our Service Providers at your location. We collect the basic details over a phone call to give you an estimated range, and then confirm the pricing only after our Service Provider visits and includes your preferences at your location at the initial assessment. 


2. How can I trust a Poshora Service Provider who needs to take my home appliance for repair outside of my home? 

Poshora’s Service Providers are trusted technicians and experts we partner with, with verified businesses and workshop locations. Poshora will always provide you with the address/ location where your machine/ appliance is taken. A Poshora representative is always present at the time of service, and keeps supervision of the technician providing the service. Poshora maintains a strict monitoring and documenting protocol to ensure that your machine or appliance is not damaged during Poshora’s service. All technicians independently working with Poshora remain liable for any damages during service or transport. Poshora, however, does not take liability for damages caused to your appliance, if outside service-period.  


3. Which brands of appliances does Poshora offer home appliance services for? 

Poshora’s Home Appliance Repair service providers are skilled and experienced in working with all major brands (local and foreign) in the Bangladesh market. 


4. How do I make the payment?

You can pay online through Bkash, Rocket, Nagad, and/or Bank payment through cards. Cash after service is also available. 


5. Should I directly pay the Service Provider after service? 

We strongly encourage making the payment online through Poshora after service to ensure transparency and traceability of your service completion and payment. Directly paying the Service Provider is also an option. Please ask for the invoice from the Service Provider after payment. 


6. Do I have to pay if I cancel my Home Appliance Repair service booking? 

No – we only charge if you decide to take the service with Poshora. If our service provider completes the initial assessment and you change your mind, or if you decide to cancel your service after the Service Provider arrives at the pre-agreed scheduled time, we request that you provide the conveyance charge (usually BDT 100 – 200) to the service provider for their visit.


7. Do I need to pay in advance before the assigned job is done?

Not at all. You will pay only after your job is completed to your satisfaction.


8. How can I contact Poshora for fast and immediate service?

Please call us at our hotline number 09638300700, our Customer Service team will take care the rest! You can also visit our website to contact us through chat box or message us through our Facebook page – poshorabd.